Cost of vacating a house in 2021: The ultimate UK guide (2023)

The siding of your home can be a great way to jazz up its appearance, and it serves many other practical purposes as well.

Plaster is a common solution for masonry that requires grouting and for insulating objects whose constructions are not suitable for cavity wall insulation.

It is an extremely versatile option for DIYers with hundreds of colors, styles and finishes. you choose.

Cost of handing over a property

The price varies depending on the size of your property and how many walls you want to plaster. In addition, the finish you choose will directly affect the price you pay, as each type of coating has a slightly different price tag.

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Here are the most common render types and what they can cost:

  • cement
    The most common plaster on external walls. Mixed on site, applied in two or three coats. Cheap materials, expensive labor. It tends to tear when the underlying structure moves.
    Price per square meter - South: £35-45, Midlands: £25-35, North: £20-30 (paint not included).
  • acrylic and silicone
    It is usually applied as a thin top coat. This improves the appearance and seals the layers underneath. They can be colored, textured, and contain fibers to prevent cracking and increase durability.
    Price per square meter - South: £60-75, Midlands: £50-60, North: £45-60 (silicone is more expensive than acrylic, around £1-2 per square metre).
  • single layer
    Single-layer coating, made by large companies. It comes in a sachet ready to be mixed with water and can be applied with a spray or hand spatula. It uses white cement and comes pre-colored. It is applied in a single coat, usually 15mm thick. Reduced labor costs and longer life - many are self-cleaning and flexible.
    Price per square foot – South: £50-70, Midlands: £35-55, North: £35-50 (common brands include Weber, K Rend, Parex and Sto).

Homes vary in size and it's important to consider how many square feet you need when requesting a quote. Below are rough guidelines for different house types:

  • Small house with medium terrace
    40-50 qm
  • Big house with middle terrace

70-170 square meters

  • 3 independent bedrooms
    110-160 square meters
  • 4/5 bedrooms, independent
    180+ square meters


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Frequently asked questions about the cost of a house

Why would anyone want to make their house?

There are three main reasons for plastering the outside of a property:

  • To improve the appearance of the building,
  • To protect existing wall material from weather influences and penetrating moisture or
  • To improve thermal insulation.

The rendering of your property can make it stand out as there are many attractive color options available. Additionally, covering old or unsightly brick with a well-applied coat of plaster can add value to your home, as it often makes older properties look more modern.

Although less popular in the UK due to its complexity, there is an option to add insulating cladding to the outside of your property rather than installing cavity wall insulation. It can often be applied in a single coat, reducing labor costs, although this is more expensive than applying traditional plaster.

What are the disadvantages of plastering your house?

It's expensive to render, so it might not be worth it for some people. When deciding whether to plaster your home, it is important to carefully select the type and functionality of the plaster, as it is a long-lasting investment that will cost a significant amount of money to replace or remove.

If your home has an aesthetically unique brick finish, plastering can detract from its appeal.

In addition, new plasters on the outside of a building must be adhered tobuilding codesfor thermal insulation, which can further increase the price.

Are there alternatives to plastering your home?

If a small area of ​​your home's exterior drywall needs repairing, it's probably cheaper to pay for it than plastering the entire outside.

Plastering is often a solution to "blown out" brickwork that can cause dampness in the home. This is a viable option if the exterior of your home requires major masonry repairs, but if the problem areas are minor you may want to hire a contractor to replace them.

Finding bricks that match those used in the construction of your home is easier than you might think, and a professional reviewer can advise you on the type of mortar you need to repair the areas of your home who are most exposed to the elements. .

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What are the main benefits of cleaning out your home?

Cladding your home can give the exterior a much-needed makeover, especially when the existing bricks are worn or mismatched.

If you're thinking of plastering to solve thermal insulation problems, it's more expensive than installing cavity wall insulation, but the result is just as effective.

The cavity wall can also only be insulated if the existing masonry is correctly grouted and there is no possibility of moisture penetrating. By lining your home with a layer of insulating plaster, you avoid paying for two projects on your masonry: Plastering solves poor alignment and insulation problems in one go.

Do I need a building permit to build my house?

The delivery of your home does not require planning permission unless your property is:

  • a listed building,
  • in a nature reserve,
  • in a national park,
  • In an Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty, or,
  • Located in the Broads.

Plastering outside of these areas does not require planning permission.

who can give me my house

There are many reputable rendering companies in the UK that are known for their professional approach and can render the exterior of your property.

You will likely get great deals from these companies, but by using the retail pricing form at the top of this page you may be able to get local competition.

Because national companies like those above pay significant overheads and high running costs, a smaller company can rent your home for a lower price.

Tradesmen Price can provide 3-4 quotes from local companies who can offer a more customized rendering project tailored to your home needs.

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Does my processing company have to be a member of anything (professional association, state registration system, etc.)

Because the representation is a subset ofand so, could be a renderer from a smaller companyBritish plaster accreditationor the equivalent qualification in aCity and Guild levelGypsum course.

Any builder who offers to let you rent your home should be able to provide you with the details of their liability insurance as they will be making alterations to a property you own and your insurance will likely not cover any damage that may occur.

How long does it take to render a property?

The delivery time of a property depends on several factors, namely:

  • The number of exterior walls to be plastered.
  • The type of rendering used.
  • Size and type of property.
  • access to the property

Obviously, it takes longer to plaster all four exterior walls of a five bedroom family home than to plaster the front wall of a bungalow.

When planning your rendering, take into account the time it will take to erect and dismantle the scaffolding, as well as the weather conditions: heavy rains will certainly affect the workflow.

Here are estimated time frames for different types of properties and projects:

Standard Two Bedroom Bungalow - Facing Wall
4-6 Takes

3 Bedroom Townhouse - Exposed Wall
5-8 Takes

Detached Four Bedroom Villa - All Exterior Walls
1-2 weeks

Choosing Pebbledash rendering instead of Smooth will result in more time rendering projects of any size as it requires careful attention when painting. Installing pebble siding on all of the exterior walls of a medium-sized family home takes more than two weeks.

What should I ask a prospective builder before handing over my home?

Because rendering is a significant investment with nearly permanent results, it's a good idea to ask a few questions before contractors start scaffolding.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • How long does the deployment last in current weather conditions?
  • Does existing masonry need to be sanded or repaired before plastering?
  • Do you use reliable products?
  • Do you have liability insurance?

While this was likely decided before the project, you can ask your contractor for the price list of the materials and the names of the materials used. When you apply insulating plaster the job becomes more complex, so make sure the materials used comply with current building codes.

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Why should I get house rendering quotes from Tradesmen Price?

Completing the Dealer Pricing FormHere, you can access 3 or 4 representation offers from local businesses whose credibility, track record and honesty we have previously verified.

Unfortunately, there will always be "cowboy" stucco and stucco companies in this industry that you want to avoid.

By soliciting quotes from reputable companies in your area, we are confident in offering you competitive prices, both in terms of the price you pay and the standard of work to be carried out.

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