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  • Windows PRO users encountered issues when trying to enable Active Directory Users and Computers on Windows 11 and 10.
  • We have provided a detailed step-by-step solution for installing the package below.
  • ADUC is a powerful management feature that companies have been using since its release in the old version of Windows 2000.

Enable Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows 11 (2)

Some of you may have already searched for ADUC on your laptop only to realize it doesn't exist. Therefore, today we will show you how to enable Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows 11 and 10.

It is not included in a normal installation and how you obtain it depends on the version of Windows you have. The Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in is an add-on to the Microsoft Management Console for managing Active Directory.

You can manage objects, people, computers, organic units and the properties of each. It is one of several tools that can be used to manage AD, but since it has been available since Windows 2000, it is one of the most used.

Follow along as we show you how to activate the service right after we take a closer look at how it works behind the scenes.

How does ADUC work?

For executives and end users, Active Directory makes life easier while making businesses more secure.

Administrator rights and permission management are centralized, and administrators have centralized control over computer and user configurations with the Active Directory Group Policy feature.

Once authenticated once, users can access all resources in the domain they have been granted access to without having to re-authenticate (via single sign-on).

In addition, files are stored in a central repository where they can be shared with other users to facilitate collaboration and are properly backed up by IT teams to ensure business and operational continuity.

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is the main Active Directory service that is part of the Windows Server operating system.

Domain Controllers (DCs) are the servers responsible for managing AD DS. Organizations typically have a number of domain controllers, each containing a directory-wide copy of the domain directory.

Changes made to the directory of one domain controller - such as changing a user's password or deleting a user account - are replicated to other domain controllers, keeping them all up-to-date and with the latest information.

Note that Active Directory is only available for locally hosted Microsoft systems. Azure Active Directory, used by Microsoft's cloud environments, performs the same functions as its on-premises counterpart.

While Active Directory and Azure Active Directory are independent, they can work together to some extent if your company has both on-premises and cloud-based IT systems (hybrid deployment).

How do I configure Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows 11?

Download additional features

  1. First you need to open itSettingsapp You can do it by tapping on itWindows+Ikeys on the keyboard, then navigate toAppsfrom the left menu and thenAdditional features.
  2. Now clickSee featuresbutton and searchRSAT: Active Directory Domain Services and Lightweight Directory Services Toolsand clickNEXTto continue the installation process.

How to enable Active Directory Users and Computers on Windows 10 only?

In both operating systems, the process of installing and enabling Active Directory users and computers is the same as for others. The only difference will be that instead ofNEXTbutton, you will haveSettingbutton.

Expert advice:


Some computer problems are hard to fix, especially when it comes to missing or corrupt Windows files and repositories.
Be sure to use a special tool likefortresswhich will scan and replace your corrupted files with new versions from its repository.

Therefore, you can openSettingson Windows 10, then go toAppsthenAdditional featuresas we did above and install the same package named:RSAT: Active Directory Domain Services and Lightweight Directory Services Tools.

ADUC will be downloaded and configured on your computer after the installation process is complete. Tap to check againPrinciplebutton. TheAdministration toolsthe folder will be in the menu bar and should containActive Directory users and computersInformation.

Read more about it
  • How to install RSAT on Windows 11
  • How to fix RSAT errors on Windows 10/11
  • Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable
  • Fix: MMC.exe has been blocked [admin, for your protection]

What is in the Active Directory database?

This database contains information about Active Directory objects that exist in the domain. Users, computers, programs, printers, and shared folders are examples of common AD objects.

Multiple objects can contain additional objects (which is why AD is called hierarchical in some places). Dividing them into organizational units and streamlining security by grouping users are two popular ways businesses are simplifying management and security.

These organizational units and groups are also objects stored in the directory. Properties are the characteristics of objects. Some features are immediately noticeable while others are more subtle.

For example, a user object typically contains attributes such as a person's name, password, department, and email address, as well as attributes that are not visible to the general public, such as a globally unique user ID (GUID), a security identifier ( SID) and last call time.

When a database is structured, it means there is a plan for what types of information are stored in the database and how that information is organized.

A schema is a type of design used to organize information. This is no exception to Active Directory, whose schema contains formal definitions for each class of objects that can be created in the forest, as well as formal definitions for each attribute.

It is important to understand that it is necessary to prepare the schema carefully in advance due to the key role that Active Directory plays in authentication and authorization. Changing the AD database schema can have a significant impact on your organization.

if youperson Your administrator has blocked you from running this applicationerror message on your computer, refer to the linked article to fix it.

Users have also reportedWindows download server is downnoticed a problem and asked us to help solve it. Don't worry as we have already prepared a comprehensive guide with a link here.

Another common problem isWindows 11 error Could not access the shared folderto which we answered with the article. Be sure to check it out to save time troubleshooting!

And at the end,see our post on Active Directory users and computers not responding, in case of encountering the same inconveniences.

Was this guide helpful? Let us know in the comments section below, and also if you have other solutions in mind. Thank you for reading!

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    Enable Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows 11 (6)


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    Enable Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows 11? ›

    To install Active Directory Users and Computers on Windows 10 and Windows 11, open the Settings app and go into Apps. From there, add the 'RSAT: Active Directory Domain Services and Lightweight Directory Services Tools' optional feature.

    How do I enable Active Directory users and Computers? ›

    Enabling ADUC on Windows 10 version 1803 or below
    1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu (or press Win-X).
    2. Go to Programs > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off.
    3. Go to Remote Server Administration Tools > Role Administration Tools > AD DS and AD LDS Tools.
    4. Check the AD DS Tools box and click OK.
    Jan 30, 2017

    Does Windows 11 work with Active Directory? ›

    There are several ways for Windows PCs to join an Active Directory domain. These include the interactive method via the System Properties applet, netdom.exe, and PowerShell.

    How do I install RSAT Active Directory on Windows 11? ›

    On Windows 11 go to settings and then Apps. Click on Optional Features. Click on the View Features button. Type in rsat and select the tools you want to install.

    How do I allow Active Directory users to remote desktop? ›

    Manually grant RDP access to an Active Directory user
    1. Log in to the server.
    2. Right-click the Windows® icon and select System.
    3. Select the remote settings depending on your Windows version: ...
    4. Click on Select Users.
    5. Click Add.
    6. Type the username you wish to add.
    7. Click Check Names. ...
    8. After you add the user, click Apply and OK.
    Mar 10, 2021

    How to enable advanced features in Active Directory users and Computers? ›

    This tutorial will show you how you can enable the Advanced Features view within Active Directory Users and Computers.
    1. Start Server Manager. Click the Windows button and select Server Manager: ...
    2. Start Active Directory. Inside of Server Manager select Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers: ...
    3. Enable Advanced Features.
    Jun 29, 2021

    Where is application directory in Windows 11? ›

    Windows 10 or 11 OS stores Windows Apps and other UWP apps like Your Phone in the WindowsApps folder. The folder is a highly secure location within your Windows OS installation directory and is protected by multiple layers of security. First of all, you will not see the folder unless you unhide it.

    Which Windows version has Active Directory? ›

    Microsoft previewed Active Directory in 1999, released it first with Windows 2000 Server edition, and revised it to extend functionality and improve administration in Windows Server 2003. Active Directory support was also added to Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0 via patch, with some unsupported features.

    Does Active Directory work on any operating system? ›

    Active Directory Domain Services run on Windows 2000 and later domain controllers. However, client applications can be written for and run on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, and Windows 95.

    How do I enable Active Directory in Windows? ›

    Right-click on Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off. Scroll down and select Remote Server Administration Tools. Expand Role Administrator Tools > AD DS and AD LDS Tools. Check AD DS Tools and press Ok.

    What is RSAT Windows 11? ›

    Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) is an essential tool for Windows administrators. This tool is designed to help administrators manage and maintain the servers from a remote location.

    How to install RSAT AD PowerShell on Windows 11? ›

    Like Windows 10, we can also install RSAT on Windows 11 through the Settings app -> Apps -> Optional Features -> click on Add an optional feature (View features) panel. Select the required RSAT packages and click Install.

    How to launch Active Directory Users and Computers Windows 10? ›

    To install Active Directory Users and Computers on Windows 10 and Windows 11, open the Settings app and go into Apps. From there, add the 'RSAT: Active Directory Domain Services and Lightweight Directory Services Tools' optional feature.

    How do I enable RSAT on Windows 10? ›

    RSAT for Windows 10, version 1809 or later versions

    RSAT is now part of the Operating System an can be installed via Optional Features. To enable the tools, click Start, click Settings, click Apps, and then click Optional features, after that click on the panel Add a feature and enter Remote in the search bar.

    What is the shortcut command to open Active Directory Users and Computers? ›

    Shortcut ctrl shift right cllick to access Active Directory Users and - Microsoft Community.


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