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Fire Country Episode 12 is all about self-discovery. As Station 42 and Three Rock face their next mission, many of them are confronted with their truth and realize they must accept it in order to move forward in life. As difficult as it is, every cloud has an upside. As a result, the two teams work together to accomplish something worthwhile beyond just saving lives.

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a new mission

Three Rock is on a training hike in the woods. Freddy talks to Bode about Gabriela and tries to convince him to talk to her. That's when everyone notices a plane (light plane) crashing nearby. The team rushes to the crime scene and finds the pilot, the only one on the plane, hanging from a tree thanks to his parachute. Manny decides to check the person's vitals (Rohan, an intern at Three Rock, is a doctor) before picking him up. Send Freddy and Bode to the rubble. If it burns, you must put it out before it spreads. The pilot is finally brought to safety. Bode and Freddy find the remains, but before they can access them, they catch fire, spreading fire and embers through the air.

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In Season 42, Vince Leone introduces rookie Collin O'Reilly to the team, including Sharon, who has been laid off from work. He is the son of Cal Fire legend Kirk O'Reilly. Later, while Eve, Gabriela and Jake are talking about Collin, a car pulls up outside. A woman walks in and says her water broke while she was driving and she's going to have a baby any minute. She has to push. Bode calls Vince and Sharon, and Sharon helps the woman deliver a healthy baby. Everyone is happy. The woman reveals that her boyfriend's father is being held at Camp Three Rocks.

Three teams were formed under Division Chief Sharon's supervision to try to contain the rapid spread of fire as they climbed the hill. Three teams were dispatched in three directions while Three Rock cut a line in the fourth on a slope too steep for a bulldozer. She tells Vince to go there and look for fires and put them out. Clearing the slope is imperative. He then goes to Freddy to tell him the good news. He arrives at the place where Three Camp works and calls Freddy. Freddy approaches her and she tells him that he has become a father. Freddy is touched and calls Sharon with his friend Cookie.

agreement or disagreement

Vince and his team find a wooden house in the hills that they need to evacuate. However, the owner of the house, Harlan Denbo, believes his house is safe until he sees the fire, as has happened many times before. After Vince and his team fail to convince him, the only option is to fire-prepare the house.

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When Bode returns to Three Rock Base Camp, he tells Sharon he can match her kidneys. However, Sharon is unwilling to let Bode donate her kidney. He has his son back after a long time and, knowing the possible complications of the transplant, he will not endanger Bode's life in any way. Meanwhile, Gabriela and newbie Collin are on top of a cliff above Three Rock collecting weather data. Just then, Collin steps on a rock that falls from the hill and rolls towards the Three Rock Fire Station. Gabriela screams for them to run, and they all manage to escape unharmed and avoid being crushed by the boulder. When Vince arrives and questions the two about it, Gabriela takes the blame and says it won't happen again.

Sharon orders Vince and Manny to work together and secure Harlan Denbo's house for the fire. When Manny returns to his team, Sharon tells Vince that Bode is a match, and although Vince is delighted, she tells him that she has no intention of getting a kidney from Bode. Given the situation at hand, Vince tells her to talk about it later.

fire in the wood

Vince and Manny's teams arrive at Harlan Denbo's house and begin installing the building's security system. Eve and Jake talk about Bode growing up with Sharon while neither of them are. Meanwhile, Freddy tries to patch things up between Freddy and Gabriela, who seem to be on good terms, although there isn't much talking between them, which bothers Freddy. In one of these moments, Gabriela congratulates Freddy on the newborn baby. That's when Freddy discovers that almost everyone he knows in Ward 42 has seen his baby. So he decides to go back to his girlfriend and quit his job. Bode and Gabriela catch up with him on the way, and Bode makes it clear to him that he must stop acting impulsively, as it could interfere with his time at Three Rock and cost him time with his baby. Freddy realizes that what he is doing is wrong and returns after hugging Bode. Bode then tells Gabriela that he is trying to change for her. Gabriela replies that he needs to stop impressing her and be better for himself. At that moment, the two see some horses running past them. Bode notices that they are running away from the fire. It's spreading fast.

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Seeing the fire spread, Harlan recognizes that he needs to be evacuated and asks Vince to evacuate his sick wife. He shows Vince some papers and tells him that he no longer has to pay home insurance to pay for his wife's medicine. Even the insurance company refused to help him and if he loses his house he will end up homeless. Unfortunately, nature does not understand the customs of people, and the fire is directed towards the house. Everything they need to do needs to be done quickly. Outside, Jake talks to Bode about his engagement to his mother, causing him to reconsider the complications. Eve doesn't like how Jake tries to talk Bode out of his decision and tells him about it. Jake stays calm.

After speaking with Manny, Vince contacts Sharon, who appears to be sending a fire retardant tank. The house still has a chance to survive. They put Harlan's wife in an ambulance and take her to their daughter's apartment. Soon a plane flies overhead and drops the fire retardant (pink chemical), which puts out most of the fire in the area. Collin yells that he and not Gabriela was responsible for the hailstones earlier. It's clear he enjoys his job and doesn't want to lie about it. Then, as everyone is clearing away the rubble, Bode notices embers flying and hitting the house, which immediately catches fire, much to everyone's surprise. Nothing can be done to save the house, so Vince orders everyone to the safe zone. There they find two missing people. One is Harlan and the other, unsurprisingly, is Bode.

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Bode is in the burning house looking for Harlan. He finds Harlan upstairs but doesn't want to come down. Harlan is not ready to leave the house where he has spent most of his time with his wife. When the house collapses, Bode decides to run away and save himself. Outside, he finds his father Vince and Manny and tells them he tried really hard, but Harlan just won't come out. In one of these moments, they hear someone coughing and Harlan comes out of the burning house. The three grab him and carry him to safety. Later, Sharon tells the teams that the fire has stopped at the top of the ridge and there is not a single casualty. Everyone congratulates Freddy on his new baby. Bode convinces his parents Sharon and Vince to let him donate his kidney. By allowing you to do this they will only save you by allowing you to feel like family. Vince mentions how proud he is of him. The three embrace.

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Back at camp, Freddy meets his girlfriend Cookie and her baby at Leone's apartment, who has provided them with a guest room for a few days, after which Cookie will return to Los Angeles. Manny is also there and tells Vince and Sharon that he is working overtime to earn some extra money to buy a new house. At the police station, Jake shares with Eve his doubts about whether he himself is worthy of being a firefighter, as he didn't chase after Harlan like Bode did. Back at Three Rock Camp, Bode finds Gabriela waiting for him to talk and work things out, as Freddy said earlier. They end up briefly kissing when Gabriela mentions that they'll have to wait until Bode leaves Three Rock in a year. So it's like unwrapping a present. But it will be?

The next day, someone starts a forest fire. We can only see the boots, stained with the fire retardant that was used to spray Harlan's house. Is the person a member of Cal Fire? Or worse, Three Rock? As Cal Fire undergoes an emotional upheaval, someone inside her plans disaster. Failure to stop this person can lead to Cal Fire's downfall.

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