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Whether you're a hunter looking to clear shooting trails, a landowner needing to build a fire pit, or just worried about a fallen tree, owning a piece of land requires constant maintenance. This type of work always involves manual labor and a good pair of leather gloves. However, the right tools and equipment will make it easier to manage your workload, increase productivity, and clear the ground without breaking the bank.

Most landowners can manage a small plot of land with a variety of hand and power toolsthey had a tractorbut taking the time to choose the right tools and equipment can save you money in the long run. However, more significant properties often require detailed design,more specialized equipmentand sometimes even a vacation before starting a major cleanup.

Taking the time to discuss your property issues and long-term goals with other landowners or your local forestry agent can lead to realistic expectations and perhaps good contact information for credible resources to help you implement those plans.


In this article, we will look at the best ways to clear land and the best power tools available to help landowners maintain their property. We'll also look at the best tractor attachments for larger projects. Finally, we'll look at the benefits of hiring someone with the knowledge and equipment to tackle the challenges of road development, felling and tree management on your property. Sometimes selective logging is a good starting point to achieve larger management goals.

hand tools

Using hand tools can be the cheapest way to clear the ground. your localSunny SouthThe dealer has an impressive selection of Stihl hand cleaning products. They have gas and electric options to handle everything from weeding to cutting the largest of wood.

  • Chainsaws-Newer battery technology has created another option for urban landowners. Some models match the performance of gas-powered competitors and offer levels of comfort and noise reduction that many homeowners enjoy. Most Stihl chainsaws sold in the US are assembled in Virginia. They have a long history among professional lumberjacks and currently offer over 30 gas and electric models.
  • Battery-The MSA 200 C-B is an excellent choice for a smaller saw. It is a lightweight 36V powered saw with a running time of close to an hour and a battery life of ten years. It's the perfect choice for quiet mowing early in the morning if there are neighbors nearby.
  • Full- A smaller, lightweight saw such as the Stihl MS 194T weighs approximately 7 pounds, can use 12-16 inch diameter cutter bars, and is ideal for smaller trees or branches. For larger trees, the Stihl MS 261 can use a 16-20" cutter bar and weighs approximately 10 pounds.
  • Cleaning saw -In hard-to-reach areas, the blade trimmer can easily trim bushes and small cuttings up to 4 inches in diameter. Stihl offers a line of specialist 2-4 hp chainsaws that quickly clear bushes and undergrowth.


Tractors come in a variety of sizes and choosing the right size depends on the area to be serviced and the parts needed. Your local Sunsouth representative can be:a great starting point to consider your optionsfor the best land clearing equipment.

  • Mali Kompakt-The John Deere 2038R is a 36 hp model that, with the right attachments, can cover 5 to 15 acres. With all-wheel drive, hydrostatic transmission and 36 hp, it is an excellent choice and is now eligible for special funding.
  • Full-size compact– The 50hp John Deere 5045E provides the power needed to handle larger areas of 20 acres or more and can handle larger implements.
  • attachments-Grass and brush mowers, discs, planters, augers, knives, excavators, front loaders, bearings and sprayers, just to name a few. Talking to your local Sunsouth representative can help determine the options that are best suited to your situation.

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Compact tractors are extremely versatile machines thanks to the numerous attachments.

Small chargers

Ranging from £4,000 to around £10,000, they have attachments for all but the largest of site clearing projects. Think of this option as a cross between a small bulldozer and a tractor. This rotary machine offers a coating attachment that can do the work of several machines at the same time. The mulcher can quickly turn bushes, cuttings and stumps into a thin layer. It can clear bushes and even create planting holes. The John Deere 333G mower with MINIFORSTcl 175 front mulch can remove any bushes and small trees up to 20 cm in diameter in no time, creating a useful mulch layer.

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The skid steer is a nimble machine with a mulching attachment that can do the work of several machines at the same time.


Many landowners prefer to rent, borrow or even buy a small bulldozer if they have large clearings to create or an extensive road network or fire station to maintain. The John Deere 450K dozer is the smallest John Deere model with 80 horsepower and a width of approximately seven feet. Equipment of this type can easily maintain roads, create escape routes, clearings and fields.

Wood cuting

A contract with a famous lumberjackwood cutingon your property often allows you to achieve many management goals while putting money in your pocket. However, before you hire someone to trim your trees,there are many points to consider.

  1. always takerecommendations of forest experts and forest land owners -Logging operations are the same as others. They earn their reputation through good or bad performance at work. Professional foresters often work with logging companies and can often provide valuable insight into the quality of work that company has done in the past. Similarly, conversations with landowners can lead to recommendations on which companies are doing a good job. If possible, visit one or more of the latest logging company websites. A first-hand perspective on the quality of a lumberjack's job can influence your hiring decision.
  2. Ask about their qualifications:Many state agencies do not require registrars to be certified/qualified. However, many offer continuing education courses and certification programs. A certified or trained logging company is recommended.
  3. Insurance is required. Ask for proof of insurance. If the logger is not insured, the landowner can be held liable for any incidents that occur during the logger on your property.
  4. I sign the contract -ONEa contract describing every detail of the harvest will protect you from any surprises. An agreement that clearly defines the specific areas and trees to be cut, those that will remain, details of cleaning, road construction and maintenance, deadlines and payment details will help avoid problems.

Recruitment of experts

I spoke to Brian ShepardBrush cleaning services(BCS) on how to clear the earth. His firm has offices in Georgia and Arkansas, and offers its expertise and services throughout the South, from Georgia to Texas. BCS provides a variety of forestry services to small and large landowners and can help set short and long term goals for each property.

They have bulldozers and other specialized equipment that can create a path almost 30 meters wide with each pass to clear bushes and quickly develop strategic openings or escape routes.

“We often recommend a three-step process to achieve the desired results for real estate. “Initially, when we evaluate a lot, we take into account tree density, type, number and species of shrubs, and number of openings when developing a plan,” Brian said.

A comprehensive plan can often include:

  1. Selective wood cutting
  2. Use of industrial mulching equipment to thin out low vegetation
  3. Continue targeted use of herbicides

Advantages of the BCS settlement technique:

  • No burning
  • No logs
  • No garbage hauling
  • No interference with the soil

Brian explained itBCS mulching equipmentcreates a soil-friendly layer of heavy mulch that significantly increases water retention in the soil. BCS equipment can handle any cleanup project, including sensitive jobs such as wetland restoration or the reduction of hazardous fuels on your property.

How to clear the earth without breaking the bank | Great days in the countryside (4)

Equipment can be bought or rented, but some jobs are just too much for a DIYer. Then contact a professional land clearing company.


Any sawing activity requires serious, specialized protective equipment. DO NOT attempt to start the saw or brushcutter without first checking the area for obstructions or bystanders. Investing in the right personal protective equipment (PPE) will help prevent an unexpected visit to the emergency room. Your local Sunsouth dealer offers a full range of professional safety equipment.

How to clear the earth - final thoughts

If you are a practical person and love the outdoors, choosing the right equipment to manage your property can save you time and money. There are many ways to vacuum the floor, and the right tools can make the job easier and even more enjoyable.

Whether your property includes wetlands or hills, a few acres or hundreds of acres, consulting with a company like BCS can help any landowner develop a plan to achieve their forest management goals. So give Brian a call or visit your nearest Sunsouth agent to discuss your real estate needs and discover the best options for your situation.

Briana Sheparda.

Telephone number 706-663-8076

Direct 706-718-1690


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