How to write an apology email for a forgotten attachment? (2023)

Oh what have I just done? The next step will of course be to write an email apologizing for forgetting the attachment.

How to apologize for the late reply

How to apologize for the late reply

Have you ever sent an email and after clicking "Send" you realized you forgot to attach an important document? This is a common mistake that can cause frustration and inconvenience to the recipient, especially if they expect to receive the attachment on time.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to this problem: write an apology email. In this article, we'll discuss the importance of apologizing for a forgotten attachment and give you some tips on how to write an effective apology message.

Why is it important to apologize for a forgotten contribution?

When someone forgets to attach an email, what should be the next step? Many people tend to apologize for forgetting the attachment and send another email with the correct attachment.

Forgetting to attach a document to an email may seem like a small mistake, but it can have serious consequences. For example, the recipient may need to spend time scheduling a request for a missing attachment with you, which may delay their work or cause them to miss a deadline.

In addition, the recipient can make a negative impression on you and your professionalism if you do not take responsibility for your mistake or do not show that you value their time and attention.

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Therefore, it is important to apologize for the forgotten binding and take steps to ensure that the mistake does not happen again in the future.

However, it's no secret that mistakes like this can easily be avoided if proper email etiquette is followed.

How to write an apology email for forgetting an attachment?

You can just say"Sorry! I forgot to attach a file to my last email"the"Sorry, I forgot to add an attachment"the"Sorry, here's an attachment I forgot to attach in my last email"the"Sorry, I didn't send the attachment, so it's attached here."

There are some things to consider when creating a forgotten apology email attachment. These tips will help you prepare your new email letter more thoroughly and prevent such mistakes from happening again.

So let's take a look at what it means and what you should know about it.

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Tips for writing an effective apology email for a forgotten attachment:

Use the right item

Choosing the right subject is also very important when composing an apology email for a forgotten attachment. Because the selected subject is the main interface of each email.

The subject you choose should give you a clue about the content of your email when the recipient sees it. So the recipient should know immediately after seeing your email that it is a new email sent due to an overlooked error.

If you don't use the correct subject, the recipient may not even open the email.

Here are some examples that you can use as the subject of an apology email:

  • We apologize for forgetting the attachment in the previous email
  • Sorry, forgot the attachment - here it is
  • Correction: attachment attached - sorry for the oversight
  • Ouch! Attachment was missing - sorry
  • Correction: A sincere apology attachment has been included for the previous email
  • Correction…..Previous topic….
  • Correction…..Previous topic….
  • Error in…..Previous topic….
  • Attachment to…..Previous topic….
  • Here is an adverb meaning…..Previous topic….
  • Oops, it might help if I actually attach the file! (funny)
  • Oops, here's the attachment (joke)

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Start with a sincere apology

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The first step to writing an effective apology email is to start with a sincere apology. Use a friendly and professional tone to show that you take the error seriously and that you appreciate the recipient's time and attention. Make it clear that you take responsibility for the mistake and commit to taking steps to prevent it from happening again in the future. For example:

Dear [recipient's name],

Sorry I forgot to attach the document in the previous email. I realize this may have caused you some inconvenience and I truly apologize for any confusion or frustration I may have caused.

Explain the situation

After the apology, it's important to explain the situation and provide context explaining why you forgot to attach the document. Be honest and open, but avoid making excuses and blaming others. For example:

I was in a hurry to send the email and didn't double check that I had attached the file. I take full responsibility for this oversight and will be more careful in the future to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Attach a file and offer additional help

The next step is to attach the missing document to the email and verify that it is complete and can be opened and read. Also, offer any additional help or clarification the recipient might need. For example:

Attached is the document I forgot to include in the previous email. If you have problems accessing or opening the file, let me know and I'll be happy to help in any way I can.

End the email with a polite thank you

End your email with a polite thank you and a positive tone. Thank the recipient for their understanding and patience, and express the hope that you will be able to work together successfully in the future. For example:

Thank you again for your understanding and patience in this matter. I appreciate your time and attention and hope we can continue to work together successfully in the future.

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Things to keep in mind when apologizing in an email for forgetting an attachment

How to write an apology email for a forgotten attachment? (1)

act now

Regret for the wrong you have done has no consequences. What has been done is over. All you need to do is prepare an apology email as soon as possible and send it with the appropriate attachment. While this attachment may not be the most important thing, resending such a letter because you mentioned it in a previous email is very professional email etiquette.

Keep your mind clear

As I said before, what has been done belongs to the past. There is a risk that the new email will contain more errors due to strangersfeartheworry. So think carefully about what you are doing. Or, if you make another mistake, the recipient will see that you are careless.

Don't be ashamed to correct mistakes

There's no point in storing information someone needs because you're ashamed to send it back. So it's better to do your job by posting relevant content than to be embarrassed. And don't let other people's feelings affect your work. If you do right,Do not be shytoga.

So why are we waiting?more, let's write an apology email because we forgot the attachment.

Sample apology email for a forgotten attachment

Subject: Error in invoices for fixed fees in SPAR

Emmo dope,

Sorry I forgot to attach the document in the previous email. Attached here.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience in this matter. I appreciate your time and attention

Yours faithfully,


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Now you may be wondering if this little email is enough. No, you have to practice not to repeat the same mistake.Never leave the sender's email address until you complete the message and attach the appropriate attachment.Then, even if you accidentally press the send button, such mistakes will never happen again.

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How to avoid such mistakes

How to write an apology email for a forgotten attachment? (2)

Preventing mistakes is much better email etiquette than correcting them when using email in your professional life. So how do you stop sending emails without attachments?

Never enter the sender's e-mail address until you complete the message and attach the appropriate attachment. Then, even if you accidentally press the send button, such mistakes will never happen again.

When starting an email, you can include an attachment. You can also edit your email address after attaching an attachment.

Don't forget to double-check the email you use for your career. It's also good email etiquette to check before sending an email.

Always use the most reliable email processing software. For example,GmailIPoint of viewhave a reminder option if you forgot to attach an attachment. This is done by using their technology to understand the content of the email.


In conclusion, remember that forgetting to attach an attachment is not the end of the world - no one is perfect and it is very likely that the recipient will make the same mistake one day. Even if it doesn't, it's not much of a problem unless you do it repeatedly.

Forgetting to attach a document to an email can be a frustrating and embarrassing mistake, but it doesn't have to ruin a business relationship. By following these simple steps and writing a sincere and polite apology message, you can show your colleagues, clients and business partners that you take your responsibilities seriously and that you value their time and attention.

However, if you continue to make such mistakes, further learning email etiquette will definitely help your career.

Then the article I wrote earlier may also help you.

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