How to write an email proofreader with 4 examples and a template (2023)

How to send a correction by e-mail

Admit; we all make mistakes. Whether we're at home, at home, or in our relationships - we can't always be perfect. If you've made a mistake, you want to type quickly and clearly, and that's what this guide is all about.

In addition to showing you how to correct your own mistakes, we will show you how to sensitively correct the mistakes of others. This can help you find a solution and protect that person's feelings. It's really a win/win.

Whatever your reason for sending a corrective message, we'll show you how to do it better. We then explain the formal format for correcting errors in emails and explain why accuracy is extremely important.

Finally, let's finish with 4 examples of email proofreading.

1. Correction in the e-mail

Suppose you sent a meeting invitation with the wrong date. (We all did it, right?)

You can try to remember the email, but it's not the 90s. Half the recipients will already have opened it.

First, take a deep breath and don't worry. We all do these things. What you do next matters.

Sending another email to correct the error is fine.

Correcting the error requires the following message structure:

  • Admit your mistake- Admit it, raise your hands and grab his chin. You made a mistake!
  • We apologize for any potential inconvenience“In most cases, the effect will not be large – but it is importantapologizeif that could have an effect.
  • I take responsibility– You have committed a (very minor) email-related crime. now is the time to serve and take responsibility.
  • Provide a solution– Admitting a mistake is extremely important, but you have to propose a solution. For example, if you sent the wrong product, tell the customer that they will receive the right one soon.
  • List the next steps you will take to resolve the issue– This is a key part of your message. For example, if it's a meeting invitation, please provide the exact date/time/location.

Don't worry if this seems excessive. it is quite simple to implement in practice. In fact, you can achieve it in just a few lines. You don't believe us? Go directly to the samples!

2. Correcting someone else's email

Sometimes you find an error in an email that can embarrass, inconvenience, annoy or offend you. Correcting someone in an email is a sensitive topic that can have a huge impact on the person who made the mistake.

Before we get into what to write in an email disclaimer, here's whatIssay email correction. "Please fix it, thank you." This email (or a variation of it) is a typical B.S. management message. in the style of the 90s. which has been discontinued as a web browser by Microsoft. If you are going to correct someone, understand that it may affect their feelings and approach it professionally.

  • Be polite and professional- Even if someone has made a serious mistake, kindness pays off. Don't bother or insult anyone with a rude email. That says a lot about you (and it's not a good thing).
  • If it's urgent, say so– You can be polite, but look for a solution if the problem is critical.
  • Point out errors to only one person (if possible!)- Whether you want to fix a bug, give negative feedback, or send a reminder, try not to click Reply All. A personal message delivered directly is much more efficient and convenient.
  • Offer support– Sometimes a person will need an opportunity to talk about their mistake. They may also need additional systems training. In addition to pointing out the error, offering support can

Fixing someone else's mistake requires the following message structure:

  • Please indicate the error- Describe what they did wrong.
  • Give context– Explain the impact of the error. The wrong meeting date is low risk. an incorrect value for the customer is, for example, a high risk.
  • Suggest a solution“If you can propose a solution, now is the time.
  • Add some words of encouragement– We've all made mistakes, so add some encouraging words at the end of your email. This can help regain some of the lost trust. This is what a good customer, co-worker or boss would (and does!) do.

The length, details, and specifics of the corrective email you send to the other person will depend on your situation. However, following these rules is an excellent foundation for any email.

You can see how it works in the sample patches below.

The subject of the correction email

Correction issues need to attract attention to limit damage and ensure a quick resolution. You must indicate that this is a corrective email and the subject line should include all relevant information.

Here are some examples of titles that you can use when fixing something for yourself:

  • Error: My previous email contained an error
  • Correction: I sent the last email by mistake
  • Note: the updated document is attached
  • Meeting update - find exact dates!
  • Price adjustment - now updated bystraightenprices
  • Ignore my previous email and read this one!

If you need more inspiration, you can download and customize one of these themes:

  • Email correction: (what do you want to correct!)
  • Updated meeting dates - (meeting name, date, location, etc.)
  • Please ignore my last email - (Valid information)
  • Required action: find the right one (date, place, time, prices, etc.)

Here are some headlines to send to the person who made the mistake.

  • Hello, there was an error in your last email
  • Urgent: Error in your last email!
  • Read* Your last email contained an error!
  • We need to remember the last e-mail
  • Are the dates correct?

4 examples of email correction

Here are a few different scenarios that require email correction, including mistakes you've made or have. Of course, we can't cover all types of bugs that need to be fixed, but our templates are fully customizable!

You will find that we maintain a professional and courteous tone even when dealing with serious matters. Ready? Let's move on to the samples!

1. An example of an e-mail correcting a mistake

This pattern is suitable for correcting all kinds of errors. In this example, we're contacting a group of meeting attendees to update the date, time, and location of the meeting.

Appointment adjustments are frequent, so you don't have to apologize too much - but double check the details before resubmitting!

Regards, (recipient's name),

You may have received an invitation to a meeting by e-mail.

I want to apologize because an error occurred. Please find the fix in my previous email.

The exact date of the meeting is (insert information).

Ignore the date of the previous meeting and add it to your calendar. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

(Your name)

2. Fix wrong invoice sample email

Billing issues will be a bit more delicate. You will either ask for more money or less, so be careful to protect your relationship!

You'll see the same format where we acknowledge the error, apologize for it, and suggest a solution.

Regards, (recipient's name),

I would like to apologize because the invoice (number/date/order) was sent by mistake.

The exact number on the invoice is (insert details).

This error is due to (reasons). However, I want to assure you that we have plans to ensure that this situation will never happen again.

If you have any questions or concerns about the invoice, please let me know. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter and clarify any doubts.

Thank you very much,
(Your name)

3. A sample email where you can fix someone else's mistake

Let's say someone at your company emailed a customer with an incorrect price. Of course, you'll want to be polite and not judgmental in your answer, but you'll want the error corrected immediately.

That's the situation in this scheme, and here's how we deal with it...

Regards, (recipient's name),

I just received your latest client offer email (or whatever message you send). There was an error in the message that we need to fix as soon as possible.

To solve this problem, you can:

  • Provide step-by-step instructions here

Please acknowledge receipt of this email and you will take immediate action on the matter.

If you need my help or want to discuss this issue at any time, please contact me at (insert details).
(Your name)

4. Send a sample email to correct someone's name

People getting your name wrong can be frustrating, but a polite follow-up email can prevent this from happening again. Here's how to correct the person who misspelled your name in an email...

Regards, (recipient's name),

Thank you for your last e-mail. I meant to say you spelled my name wrong.

It is spelled correctly (type the correct spelling).

I understand that mistakes like this can happen and it's not a problem. May I ask you to use the correct spelling in the future?

Thank you very much,
(Your name)

Email proofreading template

There are many reasons why you might want to send an email to fix a mistake you made. But this repair template is the solution!

This customizable template will help you organize your email properly. You can read it from top to bottom and make sure you include all relevant information in your email.

This template should also show you how to use a professional tone in your email.

The best way to use this email is as a guide. Add content where there are gaps and tweak it until it suits your style and intentions.

Regards, (recipient's name),

My last email contained an error, I would like to apologize and correct it.

(Enter error details here)

  • You can use graphics to explain more than one point or correction

I hope you didn't mind. I want to apologize again if that happened.

If you want to discuss this issue in more detail, please contact us.

Thank you very much,
(Your name)

Final fixes

Making mistakes is normal, so don't worry if this happens to you. It is enough to settle the matter quickly, politely and professionally.

If you're not sure how to answer, our templates and samples are a great place to start. You can use them as is or as a basis for developing your messages. We hope you'll have to use them, but if that happens you're covered.


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