Texas Homeowners Insurance Guide - Lemonade Insurance (2023)

Texas is the best place for students, young professionals and families who want to build a dynamic and exciting future - whether you're looking for big-city attractions or small-town charm.

Whether you're a true Texas rose or just putting down roots in Texas soil, we'll walk you through some Lone Star life tips and tricks. We'll also give you an overview of the basics (and more).Lemonade homeowners insuranceso you have the coverage you need.


Here's what we'll cover:

  • What does Texas home insurance cover?
  • How Much Does Texas Home Insurance Cost?
  • Why are home insurance premiums usually higher in Texas?
  • What are the different types of home insurance?
  • The best places to buy a home in Texas
  • Texas companies to follow on Instagram
  • Random events that make Texas great

What does Texas home insurance cover?

As the largest state in the continental United States, the climate of Texas varies greatly depending on where you live. Basically, everywhere in Texas east of Interstate 35 is considered to have a subtropical climate. West of Highway 35, however, the climate is drier, desert.

Texas homeowners need to prepare for natural hazards such as;strong stormshurricanes,floods, tornadoes, and power outages that may occur as a result of any of these. It is worth noting that no insurance policy can cover youeveryoneLikely thing in the universe, the right homeowner policy can keep you financially sound in many common situations.

You may know that a home insurance policy is a good (and necessary) idea, but you may not know all the moving parts. we have oneHere is a very comprehensive, simple guide in Englishso feel free to go into detail - but for now, we'll go over the key features of the policy here so you can understand the general issues covered by the policy.


"Partition Range"helps cover structural damage to your home. So if youCracked pipenext winter and tear down your walls orstormblows over a tree and damages your house, you are protected.

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Other constructions

If one of the above hazards causes damage to a road, fence, shed orother constructionson your property, your home insurance is covered.

Loss of usability

If you are unable to live in your home because of covered damage, you"loss of utility"Home insurance can help pay for temporary housing and basic living expenses in addition to what you would normally pay, such as food, laundry, parking, etc.

Private property

Personal property insurance protects your belongings at home and away. So if your sofa was damaged by a burst pipe orYour laptop was stolen in a coffee shophome insurance protects your back. With Lemonade, if your insurance claim is approved, you getreplacement costYour personal items back in your pocket.


If your neighbor slips and falls on a patch of ice in your driveway, you could be held liable. If someone is injured on your property, or someone covered by your policy causes damage to property or someone else's property,Insurance companyshould be covered by civil liability protection.

Medical protection

If your neighbor has to go to the hospital because of this slip and fall, your insurance will cover the cost of treatment.Security at homecovers you if a guest is injured on your premises or if you accidentally injure someone outside your home.

How Much Does Texas Home Insurance Cost?

There is no standard policy price when it comes to home insurance for Texas residents. A 60-year-old living in a Dallas mansion will pay a different monthly premium than a college graduate and her family living in an Austin townhouse.

Everything is higher in Texas, including homeowner's insurance premiums. The average annual cost of home insurance in Texas is $2,554. To put this into perspective,the national average annual home insurance premium is $1,680.

Why are home insurance premiums usually higher in Texas?

Texas has the highest number of tornadoes per year, just over 130 per year. This is in addition to other destructive forces such as sinkholes, hurricanes, fires and evenunexpected freeze. Most Texas insureds are at high risk of making a claim. Insurance companies take all of these factors into consideration when taking out insurance policies in Texas.

Just remember that when it comes to the home insurance you need, the peace of mind you get knowing you have the insurance you need is priceless.

The exact amount you pay for home insurance will depend on your property, insurer, insurance limits, and deductible.

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What are the different types of home insurance?

Lemoniada offers two types of home insurance policies: one for single-family homes (so-calledHO3in insurance speech) and one forapartment insurance(HO6). There are slight differences between the two and you will choose the right policy depending on the type of home you want to insure. The key difference is that homeowners own and are responsible for everything on their property - the house itself, garage, fence, etc. - while homeowners with an HO6 policy are only responsible for the outside walls of the unit, to the inside.

Want to book a Lemonade home insurance quote? Our 100% digital app only takes a few minutes (and it's fun, too!).


The best places to buy a home in Texas

Texas is having a renaissance. Many industries are thriving in Lone Star State, from construction to real estate, technology and entertainment. Expanding job markets and affordable housing are creating cities in TexasTheplace to become a homeowner.


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Let's start with the big one. Houston is the largest metropolitan area in Texas, with a population of 2.3 million in an area of ​​637 square miles. When looking for a home in this Southeast Texas town, think "the loop" or beyond. Downtown Houston is looped by Interstate 61, giving the city its own urban oasis. In the loop you can enjoy the benefits of city life: restaurants, bars, live entertainment and museums. Outside the Loop, the atmosphere is much more suburban.

According to Zillow,the average home value in Houston is around $272,000.

Learn more aboutHouston home insurance.


Often lumped together with Fort Worth, these two northeastern cities are together the most populous metropolitan area in the Southern United States. Ten Fortune 500 companies operate in the region, including AT&T, Exxon Mobil, and American Airlines.

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Affordable housing, a growing job market, and a low cost of living mean that owning a home is an unrealistic dream in Dallas, where the proportion of homeowners is nearly 65%.

According to Zillow,the median home value in Dallas is approximately $337,000.

Learn more aboutDallas home insurance.

Saint Anthony

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On the border of South and Central Texas, Alamo City is one of Texas' best-kept secrets. Historical heritage, nature, football and breakfast tacos - what more could you want? San Antonio is home to a growing labor market, especially in health and social care (there are 15 VA hospitals within 50 miles of the city limits), retail, and lodging and dining services.

According to Zillow,the average home value in San Antonio is around $301,000.

Learn more aboutSan Antonio home insurance.


A vibrant, diverse city with a world-class music scene, Austin is proudly quirky, tasteful, fun and open to business. Home of the South by Southwest music festival and offices of several Fortune 500 companies including: 3M, Apple and Facebook. Austin's vibrant tech scene has earned the nickname "Silicon Hills".

The Texas capital is also home to several major universities, including the University of Texas, University of St. Edwards and Huston Tillutson University, giving the city a college town feel.

The secret, however, lies in Austin's amazing nature. According to Zillow, house prices in Austin have increasedto an average of around $661,000.

Learn more aboutAustin home insurance.

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Texas companies to follow on Instagram

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Lisa Copelandis a real estate and mortgage broker operating in Central Texas. She is a tireless force that can help homeowners at every stage of the home buying process. real_lisacopeland

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Claire Jiménezis a real estate agent in the Dallas Fort Worth area with listings ranging from quaint old school buildings to spacious new construction. Denton's Dreamer

Texas Homeowners Insurance Guide - Lemonade Insurance (6)

Cyrene Scottis a real estate agent based in Houston and Dallas specializing in luxury real estate. Her ads imbue Texas glamor with the power of the biggest stars. Realtorcscott

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Like Victoria Sabinconnects you to your Houston apartment and takes you to the heart of the action in style. It offers a personalized listing of apartments so potential buyers can start their search. Victoria Sabinina

Random events that make Texas great

Dr. Pepper was invented in Texas

In 1885, pharmacist Charles Alderton invented Dr. Pepper in Waco, Texas. Considered to be the oldest soft drink in the country, this enigmatic drink hit the scene just a year before Coca-Cola.

Recipe for Dr. Pepper is still a closely guarded secret. The two halves of the recipe are still stored in two safety deposit boxes at two different banks in Dallas.

Texas is pretty laid back

Outside of San Antonio, Bracken Cave is home to the largest bat colony in the world. The colony has over 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats, making it one of the largest concentrations of mammals on Earth. Bracken Cave is a protected sitewhich invites visitors to see this unique natural place.

San Antonio is the birthplace of Tex-Mex cuisine

Food with a mix of distinct South American and Mexican flavors is what we affectionately call "Tex-Mex" today. In 1880, a group of women began sellinggoventino chilifrom a newsstand in San Antonio's main square. their fame quickly spread across the country, and the dish became a staple in households across the country. Tex-Mex cuisine was born from the now ubiquitous fajitas, nachos and fried beans.

Visit a ranch bigger than Rhode Island

Located in South Texas between Corpus Christi and Brownsville, King Ranch covers 825,000 acres (~1,300 miles) of land. The ranch is home to 200 horses and 35,000 head of cattle and is open to the public. He even has a 160-year-old ranchmy own museum.

Art in the desert

Minimalist sculptor Donald Judd had a huge loft in New York's Soho neighborhood, but in many ways his heart was in Texas. The artist opened a shop in the sleepy town of Marfa, which has since become a pilgrimage destination for fans who don't mind commuting. As well as accepting Judd's impressive, elegant creationsat locationyou can lay your head down nowin a boutique hotelIsatisfy your inner gourmet.

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