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Nowadays, many people are in a hurry, much more than others, and we see that cars go forward or "mock" other drivers on the street and leave a distance in the other if they feel that the route is not quick enough forshe is .

Many drivers even have the feeling that they have more experience than everyone else on the street, so they have the freedom to overcome another vehicle, and that is good, but not in all cases.

There are places, streets and situations in which another vehicle cannot occur, and it is important to know these cases.When should another vehicle happen?

You shouldn't go through any other vehicle:

  • If you are on a two -stretch road
  • When the line on the street is a continuous yellow line.
  • If you approach a pedestrian crossing
  • If you turn or fold a corner
  • When driving a narrow street or bridge and
  • If the car that tries to happen, almost to the speed limit.

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Can you spend another vehicle all the time?

No, you cannot do, there are many situations in which a vehicle is considered completely normal, but not in all situations.

Another vehicle can drive, but you cannot drive through another vehicle all the time. There are rules on the street, and it is important for every driver to find these rules.

It is good to spend another vehicle on a very wide street, and all cars drive in the same direction, i.e. on a unidirectional road if it has a clear visibility of the street in front of us and if the overhaul does not break the speed limit.

You can also move forward if the road traces are pulled on the street, such as:B. white or yellow lines in the middle when the driver has approved in front of them and see that it is safe.

When should another vehicle happen?

As previously repeated, another vehicle can pass or ascend a vehicle before you, but you should know that overtaking is not permitted in all cases.

To drive safely and keep the street rules, you should know when another vehicle is not good.

1. If the signs or markings of the street do not allow

There are several signs and traffic brands that serve as precautionary measures, warnings or information for street users, and compliance with these characters and brands can attract greater fine.

A perfect example is when you seeA red -white triangular signal on a cross.

If brands on the street do not allow to cross the lines or switch to other alleys, i.e. continuous yellow lines or double double lines that separate two lanes, know that another vehicle is not correct.

In such situations, you should just be patient behind the vehicle in front of you.

2. If you approach a pedestrian crossing

You can never say what the driver saw in front of him and why it slowed down when you approach a strip of pedestrians.

You should always assume that there is a pedestrian at the intersection and therefore never exceeds or continues a different vehicle if he approaches a number of pedestrians.

3. When a corner side moves

This is for security.

St assume again and again, the driver in front of you knows better because he does it. Try to get ahead while you lean in a different direction, very dangerous because he cannot see the way in front of you.

4. If you can't see the way in front of you

If you cannot see the path in front of you, the reasonable to follow the driver at the front and not to pass or overcome.

The driver in front of the driver has a clearer view and would be absurd to try to pass and take over, which he cannot even see clearly.

5. If you approach a bus stop

I would bring people's lives at a danger station if they try to move the vehicle in front of them or to exist.

It should slowly decrease if it approaches a bus stop and should never try to advance the driver because it is necessary to accelerate and overcome.

6. When the vehicle leads to the speed limit

If a vehicle is already drivingThe speed limitIt is necessary to drive louder than this speed limit and thus commemorate a crime on the street.

Do you behave louder than thatSpeed limitFrom the road, to simply climb to another vehicle, it will be fine after taking it for the melody of two thousand and five hundred dollars ($ 2,500) or more, albeit guilty.

7. If you drive on a bad/narrow street

It leads to terrible conditions, as a bad way, a narrow path orA slippery wayThe attempt to pass a vehicle would mean that it would be accelerated, and this is considered dangerous.

8. If you don't have enough space for your car

It would be silly to carry out a vehicle if you are not sure whether your car can fit into the room in front of you.

If you do this, your car will only cause damage, and all damage to the other car in this process is your sole responsibility. We hope you have insurance.

What happens if another vehicle happens if it shouldn't?

If a vehicle drives, if it is not, it is called an overhaul and is confronted with unlimited fine. Pays up to 2,500 US dollars or more or you can even revoke your license.

If you do not reach properly or if another vehicle fails, if this is not the case, it will be defeated with unlimited fines at various penalty points in the street code.

If another vehicle drives past, if this is not the case and cause irreparable damage, you not only receive your revoked license, but can also be arrested.

Therefore, he has to know when another vehicle should not go on.

Right ways to survive another vehicle

There are correct possibilities and correct places to carry out another vehicle and are not viewed as crimes, which are the best ways to do this:

  • Get the permission of the vehicle in front of you: If the driver gives the approval for the handover in front of you, you can be sure that you enable a wide range of you and make the process smoothly and safe.
  • If the road traces allow:If the brands and signs on the street enable them to pass another vehicle, another vehicle or an advanced or intersection, cross, cross banners or pass another vehicle, it is not considered a crime.
  • Speed limit: If it is not necessaryGive the permissible speed limitOn the street before you drive through another vehicle, it would be right if the vehicle drives.
  • Wide highway: If the road is wide enough to pass another vehicle so that you don't have to worry. Make sure you drive safely.

Professionals to go through another vehicle properly

  • Security: It is certainly for you and other drivers on the street if you correctly hand over another driver/
  • You won't be afraid of the police:You don't have to worry about breaking a traffic rule and taking the risk, receiving a fine or revoking your license.
  • Correct direction experience:It is always good to do things in the right way. It will not be a reason to worry.
  • You build patience as a driver:If you have to wait and cut off well, your patience will increase, and then it is another reason why the way is safe.

Final thoughts

If you know how to spend another vehicle, the right way to go through another vehicle is, and if you do not go through any other vehicle, there is a less threat to the street, and the road is much more secure for you and any other userthe street.

Again, it is not ahead of you when you drive on a small street, not ahead if you approach a pedestrian strip, and not ahead if the street expressly asks you not to do so later if youdo not do.

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