Women's Footwear Style Guide | female shoes (2023)

Women's Footwear Style Guide | female shoes (1)

In this guide:

  • Types of casual shoes for women
  • Types of women's shoes
  • Types of women's boots
  • Choosing the right shoe color

When it comes to fashion choices, few things get more attention than your shoes. But finding the right match can be a challenge. There are a plethora ofShoe models for womenexplore, each with its own identity and history. All are characterized by being equally desirable, beautiful and functional. But the large number of models of women's shoes can make it difficult to choose the best option for specific situations.

Deciding which shoe to wear is a common dilemma that many of us face on a daily basis. Some styles are better suited for certain occasions than others, whether it's at work or on a night out on the town.

In this women's shoe guide, we take a look at the wide range of women's shoes.casual shoesand dress shoes to help you decide which styles of women's shoes you should have in your wardrobe.

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Types of casual shoes for women

Whether it's a walk in the park or a trip to the local cafe, women's casual shoes are extremely versatile and ideal for many occasions. These are usually paired with casual wear for a relaxed look.

More comfortable heels that aren't too high or wedge heels can also fall into the casual category as they are easier and more comfortable to wear (try addinginsolesfor more convenience). Check out the most popular types of casual shoes for women below:

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Awedge heelIt can add a more stylish look to an outfit without sacrificing comfort. they are farmore confortablethan traditional heels, especially a lower wedge heel, and can help complete a variety of outfits.

For example, for a boho hippie vibe that looks great in the summer, choose a pair of printswedge sandalsto add a blend of comfort and sophistication. If you're going to a party, wedges can help put the finishing touch on your outfit.

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A beautiful and practical solution for everyday casual shoes.ballerinasThey are an ideal slipper for women who want something they can wear anywhere. These versatile shoes come in every print, color and pattern imaginable, from classic nude to wild animal print.

When choosing a look for the office, combine your colored pants with the classic onesballerinasBy choosing different colors, textures and details, you can change your look every day.

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ropesis a general term for any shoe that is closed with laces. These can be brogues, loafers, high heels, ballerinas, or a variety of other types of women's shoes.

Lace-up shoes tend to be a little sturdier and can provide extra support for your foot.

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Choose laces for those busy weekends with the kidscanvas shoesto match your boyfriend's jeans. Not only are they comfortable, but they can also add bold and fun style to your outfit by choosing different prints and patterns.

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canvas shoes

Lichtwomen's canvas shoesThey have a slightly more sporty look than ballet flats, but they are also a great shoe style for women looking for a casual look. They are comfortable, practical and available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

They look great with jeans and a T-shirt for a simple, understated weekend outfit. Patterned canvas shoes can also be paired with shorts for sunny weekends in the park.

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Traditionally known as galoshes, a reliable pairwater boots for womenThey are practical and elegant. Perfect for staying dry in the winter or keeping mud at bay at a music festival in the summer.

Wellies usually have a thick rubber boot and a thick sole that allows you to walk through muddy fields and jump in puddles without getting your feet wet.

They are stylish too. Gone are the days when wellies were all boring and green, now you can protect your feet from the infamous British weather with boots in a vibrant range of patterns and colours. It's best to buy rubber boots one size larger than your regular shoe size so you can wear thick socks underneath without the rubber boots being too tight.

we answered yourThe most important questions about rubber bootsmore on the blog.

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ANDlast summer shoeWhen you go to the beach or the pool, flip flops are the perfect shoe for your beach bag.

women's slippersThey usually consist of a foam sole with a plastic toe support in the middle. For a more durable look, opt for a pair made from leather. Very basic models have simple plastic straps, but you can also find some with beautiful braided leather straps, embellished with precious stones to give your look an extra sparkle.

The flip flops are super versatile and come in a variety of patterns and colors so you can pair them with any swimsuit or outfit.

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Mules are open shoes with a closed front.female mulesthey are suitable for on and off and are generally much more casual than closed-toe shoes. They also provide a little more support than flip flops.

Perfect for summer and easy to take on holiday trips, mule sandals offer a nice alternative to your wardrobe if you prefer something more valuable than flip flops.

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As a casual lace-up shoe, loafers have elastic inserts on both sides, making laces or clasps superfluous.

women's loafersThey offer a classic look that adds vintage glamor to a daytime or office outfit. In addition, they can be combined in many ways and can be combined with different outfits. No wonder many people's wardrobes cannot be imagined without them.

Find out more about loafers in ourComplete guide to loafers.

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Wear a pair for maximum Greek glamGladiator-Sandalenwith maxi dress. There's something about gladiator sandals that work so well on vacation.

A high-heeled sandal pairs well with tailored pants or business attire. Alternatively, you can add them to leggings or jeans to complete the perfect summer vibe.

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sports shoes

Female shoesThey are perfect to wear to the gym or yoga studio, or simply as a fashion statement. These support your feet better and are more comfortable than any other training shoe.

When training, it's important to protect your feet with the right support and cushioning. Your legs, hips and knees will all benefit from wearing decent running shoes.

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Types of women's shoes

Women's shoes are often a more formal option, meant to add sophistication and elegance to an outfit.

In general, these more formal looks are among the more glamorous women's shoe styles, with more embellishments and higher heels. The different types of dress shoes are explained below.

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bombsThey're a classic style that works well for a more formal event like a wedding or work. Pumps usually have a low-line upper, which means the top-line of the shoe sits low on the foot, has a medium heel and a pointed toe.

Pumps usually come in classic colors like beige, black and brown, but more modern styles are common.

Discovermore about bombsin our detailed blog post.

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Brogues aren't just for men. In recent years, they have also become an important fashion item for women.women's brogue shoesThey are as versatile as any flat shoe, but have the advantage of looking more formal than ballet flats.

Brogues can add a whimsical touch to a sundress, adding a masculine element to a feminine element, or bring a sophisticated, traditional look to a tailored office outfit. Traditionally made from brown or black leather, brogues are now available in different colors, patterns and heel heights.

fileall about broguesmore on the blog.

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versesThey're an obvious choice for evening or formal wear, but they can also work in a casual setting.

Give your skinny jeans a new lease of life by wearing them with a pairpointed high heels.Not only does this elongate your legs, but it also gives you a couture look fresh off the runway.

If you're looking for a casual evening vibe, why not choose a jumpsuit as a chic alternative to a dress? A dream combination for such an edgy outfit, caged heels can add the finishing touch to your desired look.

There is a wide variety of different styles of heels, take a look at ourheel guidefor more information.

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Types of women's boots

DamenstiefelThey are a practical choice for all seasons: from functional rubber boots to stylish ankle boots in bright colors, there are boots to suit every occasion, outfit and weather. Choose the perfect pair with our guide to the most common types of women's boots below.

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BootsThey are exactly what they say on the tin: ankle-length boots. Investing in a good pair of ankle boots is always a good idea. They have a classic shape that translates well from the office to the outdoors. They look great with tailored trousers or a sundress and are as versatile as they are stylish.

They come in different styles such as the Chelsea boot and the pixie boot, both of which are essential styles of women's shoes for any wardrobe.

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calf boots

calf bootsThey offer more protection and are better suited for winter and colder periods. Calf-length boots are best purchased in a material that will last, especially if they will be worn primarily in winter. You need something that can survive wet, cold, and mud.

save those bootswith holders to help them keep their shape and ensure they are nice and clean before putting them away for the summer.

Women's Footwear Style Guide | female shoes (20)

Chelsea boots

Chelsea botsThey are flat, form-fitting boots with an elastic side panel. The design first appeared in the 1850s and was Queen Victoria's preferred walking shoe. They have since been popularized by groups such as the Mods in the 1960s.

If you are a fan of skinny jeans, Chelsea boots are the ideal footwear to match them, suitable for day and night occasions, offering comfort and style.

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military boots

As the name suggests, they are inspired by the boots used in the army. Thick, sturdy boots, usually with laces at the front that go all the way to the top.military bootsCreate a definitive look that brings strength to a team.

These boots never go out of style and offer an alternative to many looks, giving you an edge that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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Choosing the right shoe color

Almost as important as deciding which shoe to wear is figuring out which color goes best with your outfit. While black goes with just about every other color, it might be nice to embrace a touch of something different.

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Women's Footwear Style Guide | female shoes (23)

navy blue suits

Navy blue is an elegant color that can create a timeless and sophisticated look. NakedballerinasjbombsThis can help the Navy stand out. For summer lookstannedjGladiatorSandals can contrast with navy blue palettes.

Women's Footwear Style Guide | female shoes (24)

red suits

A red dress is just as perfect for brightening up your work wardrobe as it is for a night out with the girls. Combine your red dress withblack pointy heelsfor a heavenly game. If black isn't your color, try adding a little nude or gold to the mix.

Women's Footwear Style Guide | female shoes (25)

gray suits

A gray suit is a must for every classy working lady. But gray doesn't have to mean boring.negrojmy shoesIt works great with a gray suit. To get even more daring, add a pop of color to your wardrobe with red shoes. This is a color combination you'll want to wear again and again.

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black suits

Every woman has a trusty little black dress in her closet, whether it's for work or a night out on the town. A black dress can be dressed up or down and goes with all shoe colors.

Women's Footwear Style Guide | female shoes (27)

white suits

Just as the little black dress is a wardrobe staple, a white dress is also a must, whether it's a formal dress for work or a special occasion. A monotonous theme is always in fashion and can give you a classic look and suits it betternegroÖbrancoShoe. Or, for a change, add a pop of color with red, blue, pink or green shoes. These colors work so well in combination with classic white jeans.

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Matching your shoes to your outfit can help you feel like the best version of yourself. Once you have a better idea of ​​the style you're looking for, you can try different types of women's shoes to find the perfect fit.

take a look at thoseshoe zone guidesfor more information and inspiration.

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